Thank You

Belleville Bobcat Youth Football, Inc.

Awards Night

            The final event of the season was our awards night, which was held on Sunday October 26th.  Our head coaches gave summaries of the season for our four teams.    Each player received recognition for participating in the program.  Many thank yous were given out to the parents for letting their kids participate and for all their help throughout the season.  At the conclusion of the summaries and thank yous, all enjoyed refreshments.

            I would like to thank everyone who helped us in any way this past season.  The Bobcats would like to thank the Village of Belleville, the Belleville School District, and their employees for all their help and support of our program.  I also would like to thank the Post Messenger Recorder staff for printing our articles and pictures throughout the season.  Thanks to Dave Edge for doing a great job on the Bobcat website.  It is a pleasure to run an organization with such great community support.  Thanks again!

Until next season

Until next season!

Steve Meier, Director

Bobcat History


In the spring of 1993 I held several meetings in Belleville to see what interest there might be in starting a youth football program for kids in 4th through 8th grades. In August the Belleville Bobcats took the field for their first season. Forty-two kids participated and were divided into two teams. Interest continued to grow in the program and in 1998, ninety-four kids participated and were divided into five teams. This was the first year all players played at their own grade level. In 2000, the Belleville High School football team would co-op with Albany. The Bobcats would do the same, forming the organization Belleville-Albany Bobcat Youth Football Inc. Eighteen Albany players participated that first season of the co-op. With the growth of the program expected to continue, in the spring of 2007 a 7-member Board of Directors was formed to run and expand the program. Upon completion of our 19th season in 2011, the program had one hundred and five players on five teams. In early 2012, the Belleville-Albany co-op was dissolved. The program decided to go back and use the original name of Belleville Bobcat Youth Football, Inc.

I would like to sincerely thank all the volunteer help the Bobcat program has had for the past 21 seasons. Community support has been terrific. Thank you!

Steve Meier